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Project Description
OnSipCaller is a Windows 7 gadget that allows you to initiate calls from your OnSip account to any phone number, sip address, or extension within your corporate OnSip account.

When you use OnSipCaller to start a call; all of your connected devices (hardware sip phones as well as soft phones) will ring. When you answer on any device, an outside transfer will be initiated to the number you entered into the OnSipCaller interface.

On your desktop, you’ll see this:


Just enter the number you wish to call and hit the call button, your phone will ring, and an outside-transfer will be initiated.

This Windows 7 gadget uses the OnSip Web Services API, and it is based on the ClickToCall Ajax example. This project is not affiliated, supported, or endorsed by OnSip. Usage of this gadget will incur fees on your OnSip account in accordance with your OnSip agreement. Use this gadget at your own risk.

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